Custom Development

At IONYX, we understand that it is not a piece of cake to create a client oriented software that requires both – precise communication and technical expertise. However, our virtue has been to ensure that all our clients get both. We understand that all clients have unique requirements, where we work hard to deliver affordable and innovation driven solutions in time within the allocated budget.

For more than six years, IONYX has focussed on developing the IONYX Core, a purpose built platform. This helps businesses in designing and implementing a custom software solution without having to design a complete software from scratch.


We guarantee you that there will be shorter implementation times for all those custom projects that are built on IONYX Core Platform. This is to accomplish 100% customer satisfaction in all those projects that have short deadlines.

Numerous companies have been using our custom solutions – Origin Energy and Shell are two of the many names in our portfolio. All of them experienced increased visibility and improved process management.

Furthermore, our custom solutions also help businesses to reduce running costs and achieve a greater Return on Investment (ROI). IONYX thrives on creating long term partnerships with businesses that require custom software solutions to generate higher revenues.